It was a lovely afternoon, I was cruising downtown Minneapolis going to meet a friend for lunch. Little to my suprise I came upon a green Mini Van with two suspicious looking characters sitting low down. I sat patiently behind them until all of a sudden they started to drive eratically, stopping and going etc….

I had about enough of this moronic behavior. Its bad enough I live in a state where driving is somehow a difficult chore. Minivans where just the icing of stupidity. I know I am not the only one who feels these people can’t drive. So anyways, I passed them and gave them a look of disgust.

I couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong with them. They would stop in the middle of the intersection and look around while holding up traffic. I just figured it was another pinhead. I quickly forgot about it. I pulled up and out in front of the Zelo Rest. off of Nicolet to meet my friend. I have allready forgotten the incident with the minivan. I parked my car along the street, put some money in the meter and went on my merry way.

Little to my attention I see my fine feathered friends in the Minivan with their window down staring at me. I looked at them, and went on across the street. They continued to follow me. By this time I was becoming irritable with the situation. Right as I was infront of the Rest. they began bantering some nonsense, so I became confrontational at this point. Seeing as my privacy was being violated. I looked and said what the hell is your problem? They became flustered and suprised me by pulling out their Badges underneath their street clothing. I didn’t flinch for a second. I drew the line and gave them the finger out of anger. They must not have liked that I was a good looking white male driving a shiny Corvette with the License plate Disordr on it.

The young male officer, who appeared to be a virgin on the force, decided to run out of the Green Mini van and throw me against the wall cutting my neck and scraping my face and ripping my new suit to pieces. Then the other officer realized that his little grasshopper was beating an innocent bystander.

Don’t be a player hater I said kindly as he flipped me onto the ground repeatedly. They were pretty stupid beating me in front of a crowd of people. The other officer jammed his knee in my leg hyperextending it. Then they decided to strangle me to the point of asphiciation(spelling?). To make this sad story short. They cuffed me, threw me in the back of their Minivan and drove me to the station.

Talk about a pile of crap!! They where so sadly shookin up by the incident they didn’t realize what they did. The one officer said, allright Mr. Disordr you are going in for Disorderly Conduct. I looked at them and laughed while saying YOU JUST VIOLATED MY CIVAL RIGHTS mother %$#%$^. After they found out that I had no criminal or driving record, they began to panic.

They let me go with a ticket for disorderly conduct. The ticket was dropped and my lawyer sent a demand letter to the City the next day demanding compensation for damages done to his client. To add Icing to this cake, I had a 65 year War hero with no relation to me as my undeniable witness to my travesty. Gee do really think that being a player hater is all its cracked up to be. I guess those two cops learned there lesson not to play with JJ the Jet plane. That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.

Thanx to JJ the Jet plane!

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