One sunny day, i was cruizing along the local parkway near my house. Another car was nextg to me in the 2nd lane just driving at the speed limit, 50mph. So i saw a chumpstang pull up behind me gooing 50+, and decided he was looking to go.

So i speed up and change lanes, and look who pulls up too, the Mustang GT.

The light ahead of us turned red right after. GREAT, the chance to dust some chump who thinks hes got speed.
The only thing i hate about racing mustangs and rice rockets are that i burn up so much gas when doing so! They usually arent even worth it!

So anyway, i look at the guy and give him a little rev. He answers back like i knew he would. Anyway aside from all this my car isntg too decked out, headers, no catalytic converters, performance mufflers, and a nice 410 rear end in it, as opposed to the stock 350) So the light turns green, and i dont even hit the gas at first.

This guy burns some rubber and jumps in front. But my mighty 4 barrel carburated 350V8 kicks in when i lay the gas on.
Thats the last thing he saw. As soon as i hit the gas, he was nowhere to be found. I didnt even need to keep the pedal down to keep my lead remained. His Mustang Gt had just as much power as my moms jeep grand cherokee.


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