People say that Formula 1 cars are the absolute fastest thing since my smooth-talking, but the closest many of us can get is Formula Ford, or Formula Libre. I decided to try one of these, and after finding that Formula Fords aren’t that much more expensive to drive than Formula Libres, I made the choice to go one step higher, and drive the Formula Ford.

I got to the racetrack, and my senses were instantly invaded with the smell of exhaust fumes, the sound of engines being hammered around the circuit, and the look of dark burnout marks on the track surface.

I entered the pit area and spoke to one of the mechanics there, he informed me that i would be able to get out onto the track in about 5 minutes, when the guy that was already out there was finished his run. Five minutes, and about a litre or so of sweat later, it was my turn.

I sank into the small, almost claustrophobic cockpit of the somewhat miniature racecar, and proceeded to start it up. I got out on the track, slowly at first, to get a feel for the car, then I throttled it. I was instantly warped to the other end of the straight I was on. Slammed on the anchors, turned hard, and was on the gas again before I could have said, “S**t, that was fast.” My heart raced as I put the car through corner after corner, straight after straight, lap after lap. After 20 laps, I could barely move. I slowly got out of the car, and took a quick trip to the ground, as I couldn’t walk properly. My whole body was shaking, as I’d just had the most amazing time of my life, and would do it again in a heartbeat…

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